The Faculty of Agriculture was established in October, 1962 as one of the six pioneer Faculties of Ahmadu Bello University. Initially, the Faculty functioned as a single unit, with no sub-division into Departments. However, in 1965/66 Session, four Departments, Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology, Animal Science, Plant Science and Soil Science were created. In 1968, the Department of Crop Protection was carved out of Plant Science while in 1970 the Department of Agronomy was created in 1975, the Department of Agricultural Engineering took off. Thus, the Faculty had seven (7) Departments, but in 1976, the Department of Agricultural Engineering was transferred to Faculty of Engineering to enable its graduates qualify to be registered as engineers in Nigeria. In spite of this change, the Department of Agricultural Engineering has maintained its link with the Faculty of Agriculture.

The major aim of the Faculty is to develop human resource capacity for directing and implementing of programme of Nigeria Agricultural Development. To achieve this objective, the Faculty conducts manpower training at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels with strong emphasis in both theoretical knowledge and practical agriculture. The Faculty up to 2015/2016 at the Undergraduate level was running two programmes (B. Agric and BSc. Agricultural Extension). However with two new Programmes added in 2016/2017 session the Faculty now runs four programmes at the Undergraduate level, as follows: B. Agric., BSc. Agricultural Extension, BSc Fisheries & Aquaculture and BSc Forestry &Wildlife Management. The Programmes at the Postgraduate level varied in accordance with the nature and structure of the existing Departments in the Faculty.